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Island Life: At Home with Tom Scheerer

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Tom Scheerer has been called the Billy Baldwin of our day. A designer with a knack for combining the composed (he trained as an architect at Cooper Union) with the comfy, and the high with the low, he specializes in the “potently atmospheric” writes Mimi Read. Read is the author of Tom Scheerer Decorates, an impressive compendium of 15 years of work that came out last winter.

Photographs by Francesco Lagnese courtesy of The Vendome Press.

As is almost always the case with decorator’s designs, we especially admire Scheerer’s own houses in which his practicality and old-fashioned graciousness have been granted free reign. To launch our Life Aquatic issue, Scheerer agreed to give us a tour of his two Harbour Island cottages in the Bahamas that he lovingly overhauled. (And then, like a lot of serial remodelers, he moved on to the next: he’s currently building a beach house from the ground up on the Bahamian island of Abaco.)

The good news: We’ve just discovered that the Cash Box, now known as the Salt Box, is available for rent. Go to Salt Box on VRBO for details.


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